1. What if we do not believe in giving our child immunizations?

    1. There are religious exemption forms through the Division of Child Development you can obtain for your child.

  2. Do you accept vouchers?

    1. We accept vouchers and grants from Smart Start of Davidson Co.

  3. Do you have a cut off time for drop off? 

    1. Yes our drop off time is 9:00 AM 

  4. Do you offer discounts to anyone?

    1. Yes we offer discounts to police, armed services, and first responders. We also give discounts to multiple children families. 

  5. Do you require an enrollment fee?

    1. Yes there is a $40.00 enrollment fee per family.

  6. Do you have cameras?

    1. Yes our center is equipped with cameras in our classrooms, hallways and entrance ways.

  7. Do your teachers go through any type of background checks?

    1. All of our staff that work in our center goes through a criminal and federal background check, must obtain a negative TB test and physical exam, first aid/CPR and blood pathogens training annually, and all staff in our infant room must attend a SIDS training class to work with infants. All staff must attend annual professional development workshops. We believe that education is a life long pursuit!